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Pathfinder is a free (as beer) single player 3D platformer game where the player controls a big ball, starting at the Start gate, and the goal is to reach the Finish gate before the time is left. You can get more time by running (rolling) through Checkpoint gates, just like in old time attack games. At this stage thus it is a training game of mine has only 1 playable level, with about 1-3 minutes of gameplay if you don't run out of time :)

This is my very first game. I wanted to make a literally minimum value product where I can move a sphere in a 3D environment, there should be a Start and a Finish gate, and that's it. After some hours I found that I enjoyed making low poly 3D models in Blender, even if the playable demo level doesn't contain every one of them :D For example there aren't trees, houses in the playable level (yet) ...

I planned to release the game in 4 phases:

- 1st phase (currently released, released in November 2016): The originally planned single player time attack game. You can roll through 1 playable level, the time passes, you got extra time for rolling through Checkpoint gates, and if you reach the Finish gate before time is up you win. Nothing else. The universe is happy.

- 2nd phase (planned to release around March 2017): The original game was refactored, so that it is much easier to add new features to the core game than it was in the 1st phase. The game has a general Menu system (Paused) containing e.g. Select level, Return to game, Restart level, Settings, Exit game, etc. There are at least 3 levels. The new levels are smaller but more exciting than the only one was in the 1st phase, also they are much more optimized to give higher framerate for you. The goal is the same as it was in the 1st phase. There is an option to respawn, instead of restart the level from the Start gate. The game has sounds and either music or at least some natural background noise.

- 3rd phase (planned to release around June 2017): The game became multiplayer. You start a server then you choose it is a solo play or you wait for the other player(s). The goal is the same as it was in the 1st phase, but now you are challenging with the others. Players can collide, for example to push the others into the deep from an unsafe bridge. You can choose the size of your sphere (your ball?!) which determines its mass and the ability to accelerate (your ball!?). There are at least 5 levels, including levels both in daylight and night time. There is an option to have fog on the current level at the server.

- 4th phase (planned to release around September 2017): There is a new game mode which is playable only in multiplayer mode, something between deathmatch and race. Players are racing on the same track but they start from different checkpoints. Your goal is to be the first who make 1-2-3 whole laps. The trick is that every one of you has a cannon, held around your sphere. There are 2 firing modes: the deployed and the mobile one. You can not move during the deployed state, but firing doesn't knock you back and the accuracy is good. You can move as you are used to during the mobile state, but firing knocks you back a lot and the accuracy is not quite good (although it's fast to shoot at the other). There is at least 7 levels.

Downloading this game is totally free (as beer), but if you think the game deserves some cents (for beer), I am very appreciated. Believe me, it makes the universe even happier.

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